Final Preparations – Keith Burns


Product Type

Art Print


Keith Burns


Lancaster bomber


On the afternoon of 16 May 1943, after less than two months of specialist training, members of the recently-formed 617 Squadron were finally briefed on their targets for that night’s raid. In his highly original style, Keith graphically depicts a moment during that afternoon as armourers prepare to attach a massive 9,000lb Upkeep ‘bouncing bomb’ to one of the squadron’s specially modified Lancaster bombers.

Soon it will be time for the crew to embark and depart RAF Scampton as part of Operation Chastise, the daring low-level mission to attack and destroy the great dams of the Ruhr valley in Germany.

This courageous assault gained instant media attention and has gone down in aviation folklore as one of the most audacious raids ever carried out.

Keith’s memorable piece serves as a tribute to all those who took part in the raid, from the hard-working groundcrew, to the fearless aircrew.

Restricted to just 300 copies worldwide, each print is personally signed by artist Keith Burns, hand-numbered and issued with a unique Certificate guaranteeing its authenticity.