About Us

Over the years we’ve also been fortunate to meet many famous names associated with both motorsport and aerial combat – from legendary racing drivers to veterans who served during and post WWII. These great characters have helped shape the world we live in today and are the foundation stones of our continued enthusiasm and passion.

About high revs

The High Revs collection recalls and revels in the history of speed and flight. Nothing hijacks the senses like the distant roar of an engine, steadily getting louder, and then screaming past in a flash. Be it a car, motorbike, aircraft or boat, our team share the passion conjured from such experiences.

We’ve been running galleries and publishing artwork for a combined 60 years, exhibiting at countless air shows and motoring events, always showcasing leading artists and both new and existing works.


Our business is always evolving and we’d love to share our journey with you.

Slow down, put the brakes on and come take a look…