Preparing for Action – Keith Burns


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Keith Burns



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Few aircraft compared to the rugged Hawker Typhoon in its role as a deadly air-to- ground attack aircraft during the Second World War, with its place in history forged in the savage skies of Normandy following the Allied landings on D-Day. When the once all-conquering Panzer divisions threatened to halt the advancing Allied armies, the Typhoons were there to turn the tables on the enemy, unleashing their deadly cannon and rocket-fire on anything that moved. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, spared nothing in his praise; the ‘chief credit in smashing the enemy’s spearhead’ he wrote, ‘must go to the rocket- firing Typhoon aircraft of the Second Tactical Air Force’.

In his exciting painting Preparing for Action, award-winning artist Keith Burns gives us a fine depiction of a Typhoon from the 2nd Tactical Air Force, refuelled and re-armed, preparing for another death- defying, low-level mission to strike fear and destruction into the enemy.

Keith’s poignant and atmospheric piece serves as a lasting tribute to all those who flew this mighty aircraft in combat during WWII and the ground crews who so valiantly supported them.

Restricted to just 100 copies worldwide, each print is personally signed by artist Keith Burns, hand-numbered and issued with a unique Certificate guaranteeing its authenticity.